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CardioScout Multi-ECG

CardioScout Multi-ECG - the most innovative ECG System
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The new CardioScout Multi-ECG System is a very small - matchbox sized - 12 channel ECG recorder which can be used for all ECG applications (Rest ECG, Stress ECG, Holter, Patient Monitoring) and it’s the first true diagnostic system certified by Apple, which allows flexible mobile use with the iOS devices but also Android based smartphones / tablets and gives also more flexibility for the hospital and privat practice while having mobile workplaces for Rest ECG and Holter setup.


Based on the small size and weight it can be mounted easily and fast together with the electrodes directly on the patients body, which guaranteed a maximum in patients comfort and so he can follow up his normal daily activities without restrictions. The patient can work normally – even if it is a hard physical work, he can do sports, having a shower and sleeps well. Hence we make the long term examinations easier for the patient and in addition we increase the meaningfulness of the analysis results.

Torso 12

Once the system is mounted to the patient, you can start the diagnostic examinations, which can be a Rest ECG, Stress ECG or a Holter. And step by step you can do one application after the other without changing the system, which saves the hospitals and privat physicians a lot of time and money.

The built-in Bluetooth Class 1 module allows wireless communication with Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android, so that the physician is completely free with his computer infrastructure, and we offer different software solutions for all platforms.

When using iOS or Android devices for mobile Rest ECG or Holter setup the data can be stored locally on the device for reviewing and/or can be sent to the Cloud for synchronizing with the desktop and/or for returning a HES based interpretation.

A Holter can be made with 10 leads for full 12 channel diagnostic or alternatively with a 5 leads cable for 3 channel ECG together with 3 channel for the built-in high resolution 3D accelerometer for getting an activity profile and a better artefact detection.

Specially for HRV we also offer a 2 leads electrode cable for 1 channel ECG and 3 channel accelerometer. The recorder configuration is set by the type of electrode cable.

The sampling rate is user definable and can be in a range of 125 to 2000 Hz, as a standard we use 500 Hz.

The built-in USB controller allows an easy and fast data download and in parallel the internal Li-Po battery will be charged.

The delivery of the CardioScout Multi-ECG includes the Recorder itself, one electrode cable (2, 5, or 12 leads), the USB cable, an USB power supply, 5 adhesive pads for mounting the recorder and a neckless.

As an Option we offer several electrode cables other accessories. A suction electrode adapter is also available.

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